smash bros poster
Gaming Tournament Poster This was for a Super Smash Bros tournament that was hosted as a community effort to raise money for The Smith Family. This poster had to fit in with the game's theme while still remain legible by non-Nintendo gamers.
apollo-db website screenshot
Apollo Movie Database This project was my first attempt at a fully-featured PHP website with MySQL integration. I used this opportunity to improve my UI design skills, however the UX is slightly unnatural. THe slideshow was main visual javascript aspect of the page.
dainere's rainbow t-shirt design
Dainere's Rainbow Run T-shirt Design This design was created for the Annual Rainbow Run that is held every year by the Dainere's Rainbow Research Fund in order to raise awareness about brain tumours. Unfortunately, the design got second place so it was never printed out. :(
Galaga Reborn gameplay screenshot
Galaga Reborn This project was the first complex game I ever made. The game engine used was Unity with C#. It was ineresting seeing how similar the syntax of JS and C# were and previous experience in JS suprisingly game me a big advantage.
burgmann harvard screenshot
Burgmann Referencing System for Microsoft Word Throughout Burgmann, referencing can be extremely confusing and can cause students to waste time on tinkering the exact format of their bibliogrpahy/reference list. I solved this by creating my own native referncing system through XSLT (XML).
Yashbot discord screenshot
Yashbot This was my first attempt at a chatbot. I used wit.ai to analyse user input and process the information. It was filled with many abilities, such as: posting GIFs that an user searched, answering questions, and playing music in the voice chat.
Mansa Logo Full
Mansa This project was the first time a real company asked me to help out. This housing business asked me to make a logo to their specifications, and I did it (even though I didn't exactly agree with their design choices, but the customer is always right).